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Official Press release for “Welcome To Nursing HELLo”

March 6 , 2014


A nurse shares his journey in his first four years on the job.

A nurse’s journey through his first four years as told in a series of cartoons.


FrontGraphicNovel_11082013LOS ANGELES – What happens when all the jobs for movie star have been filled. The next best thing is to become a registered nurse and that is exactly what Joel Craig did. Here is Joel’s journey through the pitfalls, quicksand, and joy(s) of his profession told in a graph memoir format. The book begins in the year 2007 with Joel’s story unfolding in chronological form. Each year has a brief overview with the following chapter expanding on the overview.

Such topics are discussed: dirty needle sticks, intimidating preceptors, job stress, and cursing on the job. Joel has imaginary conversations with rockstar Madonna, who is preparing to play Nurse Ratched on Broadway, who gives him advice along the way. A must have if you are a nurse, nursing student, nurse wannabe or anyone who will be admitted to the hospital anytime soon.

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Paperback: 198 pages Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.7 x 0.4 inches

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Price: $14.99

ISBN-10: 1493716573

ISBN-13: 978-1493716579

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About the Author

imageJOEL CRAIG is a nurse who works at a busy hospital in Los Angeles and lives with his husband, Donovan. They have been married twice with the second time finally being legal. In addition to writing about nursing, Joel is also an actor, having appeared in the films, Sideshow and Sordid Lives. Joel has also had his plays Touch and Mrs. Beasley produced. Currently he is acting in a web series called “What’s My Intention?” where Joel plays Josh Harrison, an actor/nurse in Stella’s class.