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I want to share with you this review refusal I received and my thoughts on this. Here is the message:


I finished your book the other day.  I feel that I must be honest with you about my opinion as well as tell you why I cannot review it on my blog.  I appreciate your experiences as a nurse, as I’ve been through so many of them (verbatim, even) and really understand it. 


However, I feel that it does not promote a positive and encouraging image of nursing.  I like the uncensored peek into life at the nurse’s station, but I want to promote and encourage bedside nurses.. and I feel this graphic novel to be discouraging.  I know you didn’t enjoy what you were doing but I have had and felt a very different experience working at the bedside.  It truly gives me joy as well as personal and professional purpose.  I feel that if I promote and review this, it’ll will covey to my audience that I do not. 

I also have made a conscious decision not to promote things that contain explicit language and content that is inappropriate for those of any age. The novel contains more of both than I am comfortable with.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, 

Unspecified Reviewer(I’ll call her Donna)

I feel that it does not promote a positive and encouraging image of nursing.”

When I first read this I felt like I was hearing from Donna Reed from the 1950s. What she misses is that nursing is positive and negative. To get the complete truthful picture of anything, including nursing, all sides must be examined.

It’s like in those customer service videos you might see at work where they show the right way and the wrong way to handle a difficult issue. Those wrong way examples are in the video for a reason. Just seeing the right way doesn’t complete the picture. My book is not all negative. There is positive in my book as well. I know how to provide excellent nursing care. I always thought I had to be better than those who knew more than me or went into nursing because they have some altruistic reason instead of someone who needed a job to live and not feel crappy and depressed because he tried to get work in areas That were impossible to get a job in because of the economy or whatever reason.

But back to the talk about the positive, I have another ting to say and some may cringe at this analogy but when has that ever stopped me before. Like when George Michael was unintentionally outed when he got arrested for attempting to pick up a cop in a public bathroom in Beverly Hills of all places. There were some gays that were saying “he’s giving us a bad name. Everyone is going to think that we are all like that.” Sex hungry or whatever you want to call it. I thought the whole thing was hilarious. I was just hoping the cop was cute enough for George Michael to go to all the trouble in the first place.

I also laughed because it was hypocritical. It’s like in the movie, Harper Valley PTA where people were giving her problems because she drank and smoked and was wild. But some of those same people had their skeletons too.

Also another thing that bothered me what that my work is considered “content that is inappropriate for those of any age.” This is what particularly made me want to respond to this email. I mean I can understand about language, and the negativity of nursing that I talk about why someone would not want to review my book but this bothered me. I asked Donna to reply to me what that meant. And here is what she said:

There was a lot of cursing, talk about the appearance of coworkers, talk about vacation sex, etc. that I’m not comfortable for promoting on my personal site.”

Inappropriate for any age really? I really am talking to Donna Reed. “appearance of coworkers” maybe because I drew a nurse I know with big breasts? And “talk about vacation sex”? Come on now. Why is that “inappropriate for those of any age?” Maybe because it makes Donna think of 2 men having sex. I only drew a do-not-disturb sign.

I know that my customer skills at times have been questionable but I improved with experience (no really I did)and I have learned a lot about nursing and humanity in bedside nursing. And now I just started a job that is non-bedside care that I think I’ll really like.

Nurses are a tough bunch of people. Many nurses in their early careers may feel isolated and depressed and be thinking, “I have just make the biggest mistake of my life.” That is common and that is partly to do with the nursing culture but that is a whole ‘nother subject for another time. But, Donna, if I can help people to not feel so rotten when they are starting out then I have been a good nurse.

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