I’m getting closer to being finished with Journey to Gayopolis, my new science fiction graphic novel with characters: Joel Craig, C. Stephen Foster, Cat Mandoo (aka Kathleen Taylor), Donovan Holden, Madonna, and introducing the villainess, May Dunaway, the evil twin sister of actress Faye Dunaway.

Madonna Board Game



These are some graphics I designed for a shirt I wore to Madonna’s Rebel Heart concert in Los Angeles. People liked my shirt. I wasn’t quite close enough to remove the shirt and throw it on the stage but I was close. Madonna if you see this I took some of your life from your brother’s book but it’s all in fun.

The sTePhEn FoStEr bOaRd GaMe


I made this t-shirt for my friend, Stephen Foster who is an actor for his birthday. I got the idea from the Nursing Board Game which is included in Welcome To Nursing HELLo, a Graphic Memoir. Coming up next will be the Madonna Board Game. I made a t-shirt for that one also that I am wearing to the Madonna Rebel Heart concert.